Personalized Services to assist in finding someone perfect for you.

         Are you stuck at home?  Just getting back out into the world?

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Original Dating Profile with First Date™ $299                  (Regularly $379)

We’ll write you a unique profile based on information you supply to us.  The cornerstone of your profile is a discussion with a member of our staff to find out who you really are.  We’ll ask specific questions, and we’ll listen to what you want to tell us.  Also, we want to know about your dating experience both online as well as through traditional means.  We’ll ask you to set aside an hour when you can have an uninterrupted conversation with one of our writers, who will call you. We’ll plan  a creative direction with you to take your profile in – or you can have us surprise you.  Then, we’ll create a profile that you can enter into your own online account

After completing the payment page you’ll receive an email within 24 hours to set up your First Date interview.

Photo Selection and Retouching $25                                     (Regularly $49)

matchcatchers believes that a great picture is key to your online presentation of yourself.  We also have seen the effect of a really nice shot diluted by a bunch of bad ones, or ones that don’t belong.  We’ll go through the photos in your existing profile or that we’ll ask you to submit, and after choosing the best we’ll clean them up and resize them.  Photoshopping or drastic appearance changes are not done.  Often clients need new photos, and we ‘ll guide you so you can get some nice photos without using a professional photographer.

Gift Certificates – (Got a friend who needs a little help getting happy?)

Just add your friend’s contact information on the payment page.  We’ll do the rest.


Original Dating Profile with First Date™ Gift Certificate $299

Photo Selection and Retouching Gift Certificate $25

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